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Insiders reveal the Federal Government is seriously considering “nationalizing” your privately held IRA or 401(k) to get at $21 trillion in CASH sitting in private retirement accounts — right now!

And President Obama’s MyRA made it even easier! Every penny invested buys government bonds — that’s billions of dollars delivered straight to the treasury.

Meanwhile, buried in the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Financial Reform Act is a little known rule that makes it legal for the big banks to steal your bank deposits to make up for their investing failures. Even if President Trump succeeds in repealing Dodd-Frank, do you really think government or the banks will let that rule go? No way!

To the banks and big government your savings and retirement accounts are a veritable pot of gold that could make all their problems go away!

Think this sounds far-fetched?

Confiscation has already happened in Austria, Poland, Cyprus, Argentina, Hungary, Portugal — and the scheme is spreading across the United States, Canada and the European Union!

My name is Bob Livingston and I've been a consumer advocate, a curmudgeon and a plain pain in the side of BIG government, BIG banks, BIG pharma and BIG business for over 45 years!

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  • Exactly why a "Great Leveling" or economic equality for the people is being orchestrated right under our noses!
  • How Washington is cooking the books to change the chained CPI so they can rob seniors of their social security checks!
  • And exactly why politicians want you to believe inflation is completely under control… even though you know it isn't every time you visit the grocery store, department store and even the discount store!

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