Thanks a Lot, Equifax! Now…
YOUR Financial Data May Be Up For Grabs… In The Deep, Dark Web!

That means criminals may have access at this very moment to your
social security number… birth date… address — everything they need
to steal your identity — handed to them on a silver platter!

To make matters worse the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau reports that Equifax is not only responsible for letting your private financial information fall into the wrong hands…

But they’ve been jilting you from the beginning… signing consumers up for costly products, misrepresenting credit scores and violating the Fair Credit Reporting Act!

Who can you trust?

NO ONE! But YOU can fight back
And protect your personal privacy!

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Dear Friend,

For almost 50 years I’ve been helping my readers get through crises after crisis — just like this one…

In fact, I created The Ultimate Privacy Guide to warn about the risks of cyber-attacks, just like the Equifax breach, and to show you just how far the attack on your privacy has escalated…

Most importantly, though, we want to show you how to protect yourself!

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  • Take Advantage of Bullet-Proof Financial Privacy Strategies… that stop “hit-and-run” lawyers, vengeful ex-spouses and identity thieves from robbing you blind!
  • Make Online Identity Theft Virtually Impossible. Take advantage of new free tools to stop web browser spying, encryption of your email, make your Skype and IM messages invisible to government snoops and more.
  • Keep Your Home Secure and Private! You’ll discover “low-tech,” old-fashioned privacy measures to keep your personal information (including your home address and telephone) out of the hands of potential criminals, stalkers and snoops.
  • Make it difficult for Big Brother to spy on you. Discover search engines that give you the identical results as Google but DON’T spy on you and destroy all their records.
  • Simple Strategies for ERASING All the Data About You on the Internet!

Go ahead… Look up your name on the Internet, if you dare. You’ll be shocked at what you find.

But you won’t have to worry if you take advantage of the tips and new tools I’ll tell you about in your free copy of The Ultimate Privacy Guide!

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Mark my words—it’s just a matter of time until another huge data breach happens again. But you won’t ever be a victim again if your privacy is bullet-proof!

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